Course announcements

  • The course walks participants through the end-to-end process involved in translation of developments objects created in the customer namespace. It introduces participants to the key concepts in the translation architecture, explains the best practices involved in organizing translation and gives an overview of the main tools available for efficient language management.


  • Analyze customer translation requirements
  • Advise customers on the appropriate translation strategy
  • Set up a translation project accordingly
  • Configure the translation environment


  • SAP customers
  • Field consultants
  • SAP partners
  • Everyone involved in providing translation consultancy services to customers and partners



Course based on software release

  • SAP S/4HANA 1511
  • AS ABAP 7.50


  • Introduction to translation (especially targeted at system administrators and project managers)
  • Basic concepts involved in translating in an SAP system
  • Configuring the translation environment
  • Managing translation users
  • Creating object lists and worklist evaluations
  • Project planning and organization (scheduling, pricing, staffing, coordination and quality assurance)
  • Brief overview of how translators translate
  • Alternatives to translation in the SAP system (exporting texts for translation outside the SAP system)
  • Deploying translation (transporting translations, post-processing and proposal pool transports)


  • Extensive training in the actual translation of SAP development objects
  • Localization and international development
  • Unicode conversions