Course announcements

  • This TEWM10 Academy is a first part of the EWM Academy (second part TEWM12). The course will give you a solid fundamentals and comprehensive overview of the SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) business processes and customizing. After attending the class you will understand the main business processes and functions, basics of integration and the configuration of most important business processes and features of SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM)


  • Understand the major processes and functions in Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)
  • Understand the basic organizational data related to Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)
  • Understand the EWM Master Data integration with the ERP system
  • Understand the EWM documents used in the inbound, outbound and warehouse processes
  • Configure and use major features of SAP Extended Warehouse Management


  • Application Consultant
  • Project Manager
  • Systems Architect




  • SCM610 Delivery Processes
  • SCM210 Core Interface APO
  • SAPSCM SAP Supply Chain Management Solution Overview

Course based on software release

  • SAP EWM 9.1


  • Warehousing – Introduction
    • Using Warehouse Management
    • Differentiating the SAP Solutions for Warehouse Management
    • Outlining Organizational Structures
    • Overview about the processes and features in Extended Warehouse Management
  • Integration
    • Setting Up the Integration Between SAP ERP and SAP EWM
    • Setting Up Delivery Document Integration
  • Structural Elements and Master Data
    • Creating Structural Elements in EWM
    • Working with the APO Core Interface
    • Reviewing EWM Master Data
  • Warehouse Process Types
    • Applying Warehouse Process Types
  • Goods Receipt
    • Outlining Goods Receipt Processes in EWM
    • Setting Up Availability Groups for Inventory Management
    • Configuring Direct Putaway
    • Applying Putaway Rules and Strategies
    • Checking Capacities
  • Goods Issue
    • Outlining the Goods Issue Process in EWM
    • Applying the Stock Removal Strategies
    • Handling Pick Denials and Picking Differences
    • Processing Batch Managed Products in EWM
    • Combining Items in Waves
  • Storage Control
    • Outlining the Storage Control Concepts
    • Configuring Process-Oriented Storage Control
    • Configuring Layout-Oriented Storage Control
  • Warehouse Order Creation
    • Creating Warehouse Orders
  • Posting Changes, Stock Transfers and Replenishment
    • Performing Posting Changes and Stock Transfers
    • Performing Ad Hoc Movements and Replenishment
  • Physical Inventory
    • Outlining the Physical Inventory Process
    • Setting Up the Procedures for Physical Inventory
  • Slotting and Rearrangement
    • Configuring the Slotting Process
  • Post Processing Framework
    • Outlining the Post Processing Framework
    • Applying the Post Processing Framework in Delivery Processing